Friday, March 16, 2012

38 lbs., brown eyed, single handsome male seeks date with Ellen DeGeneres

I already have over 6000 Facebook fans but I still have not found my perfect match. I know I will be lots of work but I am getting stronger. I think I will need more exposure to find my special person who is waiting for me somewhere.
Will you help me get my date with Ellen Degeneres? I bet she could help me find my forever home. Please share my message to your friends, family and co-workers. And then write to Ellen here: The Ellen Degeneres Show

Bruno's Profile:
My name is Bruno and I was found in an alley in Chicago with no use of my back legs at just 4 weeks old. Someone brought me into CACC and they were going to put me to sleep. However, Castaway Pet Rescue saw me and fell in love with me and wanted to save me. I am currently in a foster home and am getting all the love and attention I could ever want! I am going to a rehabilitation center for muscle strength and acupuncture treatments and have begun using my back legs! Everyone, including me hope that maybe someday I will walk on my own. But if not, that's OK, I will just be one of the cool dogs in wheels!
Animal Fairy Charities in partnership with Castaway Pet Rescue is campaigning to help me find my forever home. I really believe in 6 degrees of separation. My "somebody" is out there looking for me too. Watch Animal Advocate Television this Saturday at 10am on WMLW to see me, and to learn more about Castaway Pet Rescue and how they are helping others like me.

You can learn more about me here: Animal Fairy Charities
You can see my portfolio here:
Bruno seeks date
With much love...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Celebrities Join Animal Advocate Television

Celebrities and Their Pets to Join Animal Advocate Television 2012 Season

Show Debuts in March by Kicking Off New Segment: “Celebrity Corner”

MILWAUKEE, WI – Animal Advocate Television (AATV), Wisconsin’s exclusive animal welfare show begins its seventh season premiere on Saturday, March 3rd on WMLW. In what promises to be an exciting year for its loyal followers, the show’s Producer, Debra Lopez, is debuting a new segment titled “Celebrity Corner.” This portion of the show will feature well-known local and national celebrity guest stars and their pets. AATV is honored to announce that its first “Celebrity Corner” guest will be Super Bowl Champion and Green Bay Linebacker, A.J. Hawk.

AATV will continue offering its educational and informational segments through animal care and welfare experts as part of its mission to foster national and international prevention of cruelty to animals by aiding in their safety and welfare. AATV is a remarkable vehicle for raising public awareness on a variety of important animal welfare issues, while paying tribute to the compassionate people and organizations that are in the trenches every day caring for the animals.

AATV is a public education and animal welfare awareness campaign produced by Animal Fairy Charities, Inc. The show is sponsored by Dr. Jodie (Animal Doctor), Milwaukee Emergency Center for Animals; Dr. Claudeen E. McAuliffe, Manager with the Behavior Department of the Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha County; Bark n’ Scratch Outpost; and Fetch magazine.

AATVs success continues to grow with each new season by expanding it reach and connecting with new audiences, enabling it to bring increased awareness to local animal shelters and horse rescues, and encouraging the public to foster and adopt animals in need. The show also informs and educates viewers about critical state and federal animal welfare legislation, teaches children compassion at an early age and encourages parents to support their children’s healthy attitudes toward and relationships with animals.

Animal Advocate Television (AATV) is dedicated to ensuring that our animals are given the compassion and quality of life they deserve. Therefore, AATV takes pride in showing viewers the unwavering dedication given to them by the Milwaukee community, animal rescue and welfare groups and others.

Animal Fairy Charities is an all-volunteer 501(c)3 based animal welfare non-profit organization, that distributes funds in support of the missions of other animal non-profit organizations using a federated (i.e. United Way) method. In addition, Animal Fairy Charities educates and engages young children in compassion through the positive interaction with animals.

For more information, visit

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Help Us, Help Bruno



Debra Lopez, AFC President and Co-Founder or

(262) 989-0604


Animal Fairy Charities Helps Bruno with Medical Expenses

and to Find His Forever Home

MILWAUKEE, WI – Animal Fairy Charities (AFC) brings awareness of Bruno’s story to help raise needed funds for the extensive care and recovery he desperately needs. Bruno, a critically injured and abandoned puppy from Chicago, is in Milwaukee for the therapy required to save his life, allow him to recover the feeling and use of his lower extremities and enable him to walk.

Due to acute injuries suffered after his birth, Bruno was unable to use his back legs and completely unable to walk, pulling himself around using only his front legs. Because his owners didn’t want the expense of time or money to care for him, they took him away from his mother prematurely and discarded him in an alley. At approximately four weeks of age, he found himself completely alone and his new home, a garbage dump. When Bruno was discovered, he was taken to Chicago Animal Control, where a volunteer took his picture and posted it on Facebook in a plea to find a rescue. Through the mass public attention he gained, Bruno was taken in by Castaway Pet Rescue, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit, volunteer-based rescue, which cares for and provides medical treatment to homeless dogs. Bruno’s Facebook fans grew to 5,000 in a short time and he is currently in a loving foster home, which is trying to give him a chance at life. Despite his severe disabilities, his inability to urinate, and the vet initially delivering solemn news for his recovery or rehabilitation, his foster family and the rescue community are determined not to give up on him. His foster dad made him a wheelchair, and through daily therapy treatments, such as acupuncture and care from a vet who specializes in problems like Bruno’s, he is responding, and can now urinate and wag his tail. With extensive treatment, he is expected to make a full recovery and walk one day, however, the therapy he needs is expensive, and he needs your help.

"I was lucky enough to meet Bruno while filming a segment for Animal Advocate Television (AATV)," says Lopez. "This guy is currently with a foster mom with Castaway Pet Rescue, Inc. but will need a forever home. It is still undetermined if Bruno will ever be able to regain his strength in his lower body that would enable him to walk and/or have feeling in his lower extremities. AFC was so inspired by Bruno that we will be dedicating our premier 2012 season of AATV to him in an effort to raise funds for his medical care and to find Bruno his forever home.” Lopez added.

AFC is also offering prints of Bruno, courtesy of Brittany Farina , a talented and up-and-coming artist from Wisconsin in which 50% of all proceeds will be used to help with his medical costs.

Animal Fairy Charities is an all-volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit animal welfare organization that raises awareness and distributes funds in support of the missions of other animal non-profit organizations, in addition to educating and engaging children through positive interaction with animals.

For more information, visit

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Celebrities and Their Pets on Animal Advocate Television

Dear Friends, thanks to you for helping us spread the word,
our ratings soared this past season of Animal Advocate Television!
Both, our local community and folks across the country are paying attention
and that's GREAT news for our animals.

With that said, we are very excited to announce that we'll be airing special segments featuring local and national celebrities. Starting in March of 2012 our exclusive Celebrity segments will feature celebrities and their pets as well as bring more attention to celebrity animal advocacy. Huge RATINGS FOR THE SHOW:)

If you want to learn who these celebrities are, please sign up for News Updates, Special Alerts and Time Sensitive Information from Animal Fairy Charities.
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Horse Sense
Horse Sense

by Joanne Petaschnick for M Magazine.

If you havn't read the article that M Magazine did on our organization,
please click here to access the Magazine and go to page 36.
A "huge" thank you to
M Magazine and their staff for bringing awareness to our cause and our organization.

Baby Girl is Back Home!
A Huge "Thank you" to everyone who sent in donations to help Baby Girl with her medicines and aftercare needs. Her care giving team says that Baby Girl has a huge love for life and that's probably the reason she is doing so well. I personally can't say enough about Beauty's Haven Farm and Equine Rescue. They are a wonderful organization and sacrifice so much to help our horses.
We can help so many more like Baby Girl with your continued support.
If you wish to donate, please donate here.

Animal Fairy Charities is a 501c3 non profit organization fostering national & international prevention of cruelty to all animals and aiding in their safety & welfare.
Our core mission
is to raise and distribute funds in support of the missions of other animal non-profit organizations using a federated (i.e. United Way) method. In addition, Animal Fairy Charities educates and engages young children in compassion through the positive interaction with animals.

Tax deductible donations are always appreciated to help fund our mission. Because of our donors, we can continue our work to help animals.

Thank you again for your time and your care for our animals.

God Bless,

Deb Lopez
President and Executive Director
Animal Fairy Charities, Inc.

About Animal Advocate Television
Animal Advocacy, Awareness and Welfare Television

After six wonderful seasons, Animal Advocate Television’s audience is growing and the show continues to raise awareness for local animal shelters and horse rescues, encourages the public to foster and adopt, informs and educates on state and federal animal welfare legislation as well as encourages parents to teach children compassion at an early age.

Animal Advocate Television also honors and pays tribute to our animal caregivers while educating viewers on what these caregivers experience day to day as they strive to give our animals the respectable quality of life they deserve.

Our pet health and medical segments are standard with each new season to keep our viewers updated on the latest in pet/animal fitness and well-being.

From doggie day-cares to pet boutiques, Animal Advocate Television signifies all there is for our companion animals.

Time Warner = Channel 7
Charter = Channel 7/8
Direct TV = Channel 41
Dish = Channel 41
AT&T = Channel 7
Over-the-Air = 58.2 (Digital)
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Animal Fairy Charities Wishes
You A Wonderful And Safe
Holiday Season!
Happy Holidays

Donate To Help Save an Animals Life This Holiday Season.All Donations AreTax-Deductible.

Season 2012 Premiering March 2012 EVERY Week on WMLW at 10am.
Learn more here

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Michael Vick Survivor Paints For Animal Fairy Charities

Animal Fairy Charities
Contact: Debra Lopez
Phone: 262-989-0604

From The CBS Early Show to People Magazine, Michael Vick Survivor “Hector” Continues to Shine

“Hector,” Michael Vick Survivor Paints for

Animal Fairy Charities

To Help Raise Funds for Animals In Need

Franklin, WI (Animal Fairy Charities, Inc.) October 5, 2011— “Hector,” one of the 47 Pit Bulls rescued from Michael Vick’s dog fighting operation made a special appearance at the “Strut Your Mutt” event at the Waukesha County Expo Center on September 25th hosted by Brew City Bully Club and Elmbrook Humane Society.

Hector was one of NFL quarterback Michael Vick’s victims of cruelty as a fighting dog. The dogs were rescued and given a chance to live and Hector is now happy and living life to the fullest as a certified therapy dog.

At the Strut Your Mutt event, Hector and other rescue dogs painted to help animal rescues. Hector did 3 paintings for Animal Fairy Charities and two have already been sold! All paintings created by “Hector” and the other rescue dogs at this event were done courtesy of While You Were Out Pet Sitting Service, LLC “Painting For Pets By Pets Art Project. “

You can purchase the last painting created by “Hector” as well as some wonderful paintings by other rescue dogs at Black Sheep Photography located at 801 East Center Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin or by logging on to and following this link ( The picture located at Black Sheep Photography painted by Hector sells for $45.00. The other paintings on go for $20.00 and include The Animal Fairy Book.

Hector’s painting also comes with a collectable trading card. All proceeds from these paintings will benefit Animal Fairy Charities.

To learn more about Hector, you can log onto or .

Animal Fairy Charities is an all-volunteer 501c3 non-profit animal welfare organization that raises and distributes funds in support of the missions of other animal non-profit organizations, plus educates and engages children through positive interaction with animals. An educational and developmental organization that produces programming on Animal Advocate Television, the group provides information regarding the betterment, safety, and welfare and prevention of cruelty to all animals.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Band Together To end Horse Slaughter


Animal Fairy Charities is launching Another Musical Event
To Raise Awareness For Our American Horses
(Both Domestic & Wild)

In Support of our Mission, you can purchase one of our
"Band Together To End Horse Slaughter" Wrist Bands now in advance of the event for only $5.00
(Plus shipping & handling.)

Bulk Orders bands can be purchased for as low as $3.00 (plus Shipping & Handling.)

Order here:

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